Axxess Motion Sensor with Humidity (MS-C4ZB-11H-B)

  • $379.00

The Axxess Wireless Motion Sensor supports all motion dependent functions, including lighting, security, occupancy detection and energy management. Upon detecting people moving in a space, it communicates that event wirelessly on a programmed schedule.


- Energy management
- Security systems
- Automatic lights
- Home and office automation


Height: 3.03" (7.7cm)
Width: 2.3" (5.84cm)
Depth: 0.5" (1.27cm)


White and Black


FCC Part 15


ZigBee PRO (802.15.4)
Control4 driver downloadable

Power & Battery

2 - 3.6V AA lithium batteries
Low battery notification
Over two year battery life

Motion Sensor

PIR motion sensor
(dual element ambient effect reduction)
Viewing Angle: 90å¡ H, 30å¡ V
Effective range: 30'

Temperature Sensor

Accurate to +/- 1å¡C
Operating range of -40å¡C to 70å¡C

Light Sensor

Detects levels from light to dark

Humidity Sensor

Accurate to +/- 3% relative humidity
Operating range of -40å¡C to 85å¡C

Mounting Options

1. Adjustable ball mount
2. Keyhole screw