Video Storm IRUSB Cable

  • $69.00

IR to/from Cloud integration

 - Use Alexa to control all your IR devices
- Send IR commands from Cloud services or HTML REST API
- Capture IR remote keys and send to Cloud services
- Integration with SmartThings, IFTTT, and more
- Python API for advanced users
- NetPlay Cloud information

Platforms supported by IRUSB


Pre-installed support for IRUSB on VRX020 and NetPlay Manager
Disk image with pre-install support for IRUSB for Raspberry PI 0 W
Driver package for self install for other Linux Platforms

Android and Android TV

Free IRUSB Android and Android TV APP for all functionality
Available on Google Play
Available on Amazon Appstore
Simply download our app, then plug in IRUSB to the USB port

USB hardware

IRUSB is a standard USB 2.0 device
Compatible with USB hubs and adapters
Use USB hubs to attach more IRUSB devices

IRUSB is designed to be nearly invisible. 

It is smaller than a standard USB cable, doesn't need a power supply, and the IR transceiver head is tiny and colored to blend in with AV gear.

IRUSB features
- Network to IR output
- IR reception to network or HID
- Cloud integration
- USB CDC for IR
- USB HID for device control

IRUSB specifications
- Power supplied by USB (no external power supply)
- USB connector
- IR flasher output (bottom)
- IR detector input (top)
- 3 ft USB cable terminated with IR transreceiver (16mm x 12mm x 4mm)

Unit includes:
- IRUSB cable
- 30 day warranty