Video Storm VRX020 Decoder

  • $845.00

NetPlay AV allows you to distribute live content protected HDMI content across your standard Ethernet home network.  This next generation technology will completely replace HDMI matrix switching, delivering new features, flexibility, and an integrated user experience.

Video Storm Netplay Video makes your installation headache free and give your customers access to more live, stored, and cloud media than anyone else.

VRX series is the TV mounted unit in our Netplay video and audio live streaming solutions.  One VRX020 is used for each TV in the system.


  • HDMI output
       Autoconfigable resolution, up to 1080p60 or WUXGA (including 3D)
       CEC bidirectional control
       Digital audio support, including multichannel audio formats
       Supports streaming AV from NetPlay AV encoders
       HDCP copy protection to enable support for DRM content
  • Network  
       RJ45 autosensing network jack, 10/100 Mbps
       Wireless connection via optional USB dongle
       DHCP or static IP addressing (DHCP preferred)
       Configurable host name and UUID
  • USB
       4 x USB 2.0 host ports
       Built in support for most peripherals (keyboards, remotes, mouse, bluetooth, wifi, mics, hubs, etc)
  • Audio
       Analog stereo output via 3.5mm tripole jack 
       Analog stereo input via 3.5mm stereo jack
       Digital audio output via HDMI or TOSLINK
       Digital audio input via COAX (2 inputs) or TOSLINK
       Support for audio streaming from internet or any mobile device
       Support for audio return channel ethernet streaming to Netplay audio devices
  • Power
       Micro USB port for power, require 2A (5W max)
       Designed to use either the USB port on the TV OR USB wall charger for power
  • RS232
       Ethernet to RS232 functionality
       RS232 port via 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Infrared
       Infrared input via 3.5mm jack (compatible with optional 3.3V IR receiver)
       Infrared input can be used to control Kodi and be sent to external controllers via ethernet
       Infrared output via 3.5mm jack (compatible with optional 3.3V IR blaster)
       Infrared output can be used by Kodi or be controlled by external controller via ethernet
  • Cvbs video
       Standard definition cvbs output
  • Flexible, open platform
       Linux based system which allows easy addition of new 3rd party AV players/codecs
  • Enclosure
        Back steel enclosure
        VESA mounting holes
        Small enough to easily mount behind TV:  3.7" x 3.5" x 1"
        Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Internal design 
        High speed quad core ARM processor with hardware accelerated AV datapath
        Linux operating system with 8GB of removable flash storage
        Fully digital datapath