Axxess Relay and Contact Sensor POE (RCS-C4ZB-11-POE)

  • $359.00

The Relay & Contact Sensor is a flexible tool to build a Control4 system more effectively. It combines the capabilities of a repeater and router with 3 contact inputs, 3 relay outputs and a temperature sensor.


Width: 3.1" (7.87cm)
Length: 2.66" (5.33cm)
Height: 1.0" (2.54cm)


White / Black


FCC Part 15


ZigBee PRO (802.15.4)
Control4 driver downloadable

Power & Battery

A DC power adapter is included with either a North American, European, UK or Australia/China plug. Auxillary power is 6.5V-24V AC or DC

Optional POE

Alternative power option to power the device using the external RJ45 jack.

Repeater Function

Join up to 16 more devices and/or extend the range of your ZigBee network.

Relay Function

3 relay outputs using internal RJ45 jack
DC Load Max: 1A | 60VDC
AC Load Max: 1A | 40VAC

Contact Sensor Function

3 contact sensor inputs using RJ12 jack.

Temperature Sensor

Accurate to +/- 1å¡C
Operating range of -40å¡C to 70å¡C

Mounting Options

2 keyholes & screws)